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In an effort to support small-businesses, we invite you to submit your most pressing customer service challenge!

In Take 2 with Terri, we are providing a platform to help business owners, who may have a specific customer service challenge, get expert advice.


We invite you to share your challenge and allow us to provide one or more recommendations to consider.  #Take2withTerri

Submit Your Business Challenge

Submit your challenge and receive expert advice. There is no scenario too big or small. All submissions will be answered privately and you will be notified if your challenge is selected as part of our weekly Take Two!
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Thanks for submitting!

Take Two WithTerri

Take 2 with Terri 

The intent of Take 2 with Terri is to use real business challenges and provide expert advice that may help others dealing a similiar scenario. All business names will be changed to ensure anonymity. Follow us on Facebook for more!

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