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Training Options

Our training sessions will help you delight your

customers and improve your organization's bottom line.  

Courses can be purchased as a package or customized to meet your business needs!  Each course averages 60-90 minutes and can be offered virtually or in person.

Onsite Training 

Onsite training is delivered to a private group at your location. Courses are priced per group, not per person. 

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs!

Virtual Training 

  • Virtual courses are facilitator-led and delivered via Zoom, Teams, or other virtual platforms.

  • Most virtual courses consist of one training component but can be customized as needed.

  • For optimal performance, each participant needs a computer with high speed internet connection and speakers. Ideally, with a microphone and webcam as well.


Female Business Owners

Business Owners

  • Professionalism and Business Etiquette

  • Effective Listening & Communication

  • Time Management & Productivity

Business Owner
  • Set the Vision

  • Align Your Business

  • Maintain the Vision


Construction Managers
  • Manifest the Vision

  • Coach and Support the Vision

  • Expand the Vision


  • Catch the Vision

  • Master the Essentials

  • Deliver on the Promise

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