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Our mission is to help ELEVATE the customer experience AND your business by providing general operations and/or  customer service training and support. Having the right training can immediately help you stand out from your competitors, build a successful reputation and brand, and enhance your ability to acquire lifelong customers.  Let us show you how! 

Whether you have a 100-seat call center, an automotive repair business, a doctor’s office, or a food truck, having the right skills to consistently deliver on the promise you make to your customers is critical.


With more than 35 years of customer service and back-office operations experience, Terri Barnes has the expertise to quickly identify opportunity areas and partner with you to recommend a training approach.  Terri is passionate about excellence in service and believes that doing this well will immediately give your business a competitive advantage.


Terri is a member of the Association of Contact Center Professionals and believes that customer service skills training is one of the most important AND transferrable skills you can have in any industry, role, or position. 

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Other areas of expertise:

Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

Strategic Planning and Development

Call Center and Operations Management 

Leadership Development and Performance Management

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