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The Back Story - How Did We Get Here?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

On July 1, 2021, I made a Facebook post about starting this business. It was following a poor customer service experience and a realization that my work over the past 35 years just might help others take their business to the next level. A few days later, I asked my Facebook friends to recommend a name for this business and you all did not disappoint; At Your Service, Your Business is Our Pleasure, Exceptional Business Services, Heart for Service, Passion for Service and finally, Quest for Excellence: The Guide for Excelling at Profitable Customer Service were awesome and encouraging. During this time, I had an absolutely incredible job, but was nearing burnout. Additionally, I’d reached that magical point in my life where I was comfortable taking a leap of faith, to make room for new possibilities, and Service Point was born!

I hope to use this blog to share real life scenarios and solutions, and most importantly, show business owners and folks in the customer service industry, how making a few slight changes in daily practices can return big benefits and make lifelong loyal and more profitable customers!

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